75+ Annual Health Assessment

The over 75 health assessment is a FREE annual comprehensive assessment of physical, psychological and social well-being for those aged 75 and over. This assessment offers preventative health care and education. It is offered nationwide to all people aged 75 and over, excluding those currently in hospital or those in residential aged care facilities.

What is involved?

The assessment is conducted in our surgery or at your home by one of our Registered Nurses on behalf of your Doctor, and takes approximately 45 minutes of your time.  

The assessment is made up of a number of questions looking at all areas of your health & well-being including diet & nutrition, exercise, mobility, mental health and family & social relationships.

During the assessment we will check your blood pressure, pulse, blood sugar testing (BSL), height, weight and vision, and perform a urinalysis. We will also assess your medication and immunisation status. Part of the assessment also involves discussing your home environment to assess your living arrangements to see if they suit your current needs, and if there is any additional help you may need.

The health assessment assists your Doctor to identify any potential issues and prevent them turning into major problems. It ensures your Doctor has an accurate and comprehensive picture of your current health condition and needs. It also provides you with the opportunity to have a FREE HEALTH CHECK, and to raise any concerns that you may not usually have time to discuss with your Doctor in a standard consultation.

What happens after the assessment?

Following the assessment with our nurse you will be required to have a follow-up appointment with your Doctor to discuss the results of your health assessment. This usually occurs at the time or within 2-3 weeks of your initial visit with the nurse. The nurse conducting your assessment will make your follow-up appointment for you before you leave the clinic.

Importantly, the health assessment is at NO COST TO YOU. This includes both the consultation with the nurse and the follow-up appointment with your doctor.

Whilst it is not compulsory to have this health assessment we strongly encourage you to take advantage of this valuable service being offered to you.

Overall, this health check aims to find, prevent and lessen the effect of chronic disease by looking at your lifestyle and, for some, health problems. For peace of mind why not book in with our nurse today.

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