Children's Health

Healthy Kids Check
What is it?

The aim of the Healthy Kids Check is to improve the health and well-being of Australian Children. The Healthy Kids Check promotes early detection of lifestyle risk factors, delayed development and illness, and provides the opportunity to introduce guidance for healthy lifestyles and early intervention strategies.

The Healthy Kids Check is delivered in conjunction with the four year old immunisation. It assists in checking to see if your child is healthy, fit and ready to learn when they start school.

The Healthy Kids Check will include:
  • height and weight (plot and interpret growth curve and calculate BMI);
  • eyesight;
  • hearing;
  • oral health (teeth and gums);
  • toileting; and
  • allergies

The Health Assessment includes information collection of family and environmental factors, medical and social history, and lifestyle risk factors. Doctors may recommend appropriate interventions or provide advice and information to parents, or carers, if they feel it is warranted.

Where appropriate, arrangements will be put into place for referrals and follow-ups of any problems identified.

Records of the Healthy Kids Check will be kept and parents, or carers, of the child may request a written report.

The government offers a one off payment to the parents who take up this service.

A healthy start for a long life

Improving the health and well-being of Australian children, and promoting early detection of lifestyle risk factors, delayed development and illness is important in ensuring a healthy childhood which leads to a long healthy life. Even though there are no guarantees, we believe that tracking your child’s health, and any changes to it along the way, is important.

We offer a “Healthy Kid’s Check” to ensure that every four year old child has a basic health check to see if they are healthy, fit and ready to learn when they start school. We can also do full, or basic, health checks on children of any age.

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